Miguel does excellent work. His tattoos always come out vibrant and are very well shaded. Shading is just an important part of making a tattoo look perfect, and I’ve seen work done by artists who have yet to really find a good technique. Thats not an issue with Miguel, all of his shading looks completely realistic and well done. I have gotten two tattoos done by him so far, and I plan on having him do at least three more before I move out of state. He works with you, as a client, to make sure he understands what you want done down to the smallest details, and you leave completely happy with your new ink because it is exactly what you wanted. If you’re looking for a tattoo artist, or you’re not happy with your current one, definitely pay Miguel a visit and get some work done by him.Lauren Burbank
After spending about 9 hours under the careful hand of Miguel Prada I am very happy with the work that he has done for me. At first I was a little skeptical since most of my tattoos were done by an artist in California but after seeing my finished piece I am more than happy and willing to let Miguel do any tattoo that I would get here on the East Coast. My tattoo by him is on my ribs, a massive ship with the most beautifully drawn and colored waves, the attention to detail is astounding and the color work makes it all pop so well. I felt that Miguel was a little heavy handed when he started out this piece but the last 3 hours I spent under his new equipment made me realize that is was not the artist that was heavy but the tools, since I fell asleep for like 30 minutes during the final session. I am very happy with my work and recommend anyone that wants a steady tattoo artist that does amazing work to go and visit Miguel, his prices are very fair and the work that he does is more than worth the money you will spend for the art that will be on your body forever!Josh Ballinger